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Theory of Magnetic Health Therapy


The magnetic field from magnets can adjust the body of ion of Yin and Yang, promote blood circulation, and increase the oxygen levels in the blood. The magnetic field from magnets will increase anion level in boy and adjust the positive and anion in balance So it will revive the blood circulation, increase level of oxygen, promote immunity and so on.




Fuction  of magnets:

Reduce blood fat

Promote immunity of body

Adjust the abnormal bioelectricity and biomagnets.

Lower free radicals and postpone senility.




Far infrared ray:

Far infrared emissivity of germanium is 92.1%, its wavelength is 8-10 um, which is the optimal frequency and wavelength people can absorb

The far infrared ray can deeply go into our body absorbing toxic substances and heavy metals, and then decomposes

Them,  can help the body detoxify and maintain vitality.

Far infrared ray has resonance effect on our cells. Due to its thermal effect, it expands blood capillaries, improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.




Negative ion:

-Negative Ions promote a better metabolism within the body.

Negative Ions improves the body's immune system, giving the body greater ability to fight off a host of illnesses, and diseases.

Negative Ions enhance the body's ability to function, assisting the vital organs so that they may more effectively do their jobs.

Negative Ions adjust to the body's muscle function to create a better balance in the body.

Strengthen brain function and mental focus, improving spirit.

Helpful for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and high blood pressure in recovering more quickly

Alleviating vessel convulsion spasms and normalizing blood pressure.

Prolong clotting time; oxygenate the blood, increasing blood oxygen transport and absorption.

Improve lung volume strengthening pulmonary functions.




-Improve blood circulation and immunity

-Relieve fatigue and improve sleep

-Alleviate all kinds of nerve pain

-Reducing stressed blood vessels which can alleviate Migraine

-Modulate clamminess and wind chill

-Ease low back pain and pain due to Arthritis

-Modulate blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar and some physiological function

-Assist in the body in curing cancer (broadly) by clearing blockages

-Detoxification (residual waste and heavy metal in our body

-Activate cellular oxidation which supports Anti-aging



Metro Aimante products include magnetic bracelets and jewelry; magnetic straps for wrists, ankles, knees, and the back; shoe insoles; mattresses; magnetic blankets (blankets with magnets woven into the material); magnetic creams; magnetic supplements; plasters/patches and water that has been "magnetized". Application is usually performed by the patient.



Metro Aimante high quality magnetic health products are sold worldwide in chosen

Medical Healthcare out lets.







Metro Aimante Pair of Magnetic Feet Massage Shoe Insoles


Fits any shoe; can cut the right size by yourself  Export size  21.6 x 8.6cm (L x W)

Relieves pressure on the ball of your feet, on bunions, or swollen feet and joints

Increases your stability by cradling your foot, and preventing foot roll

Prevents heel shock by cushioning your arch










Metro Aimante Offers

1.      High quality and factory competitive price;

2.      Supply OEM & ODM service;

3.      Customized designs and logos are welcome

4.      Sample order and small orders are acceptable;

5.      Quality satisfaction guarantee

6.      Instant feedback for any inquiry

7.      Full technical support.

Metro Aimante high power Magnets are equipped with 3.000 – 4.000 Gauss  permanent magnets for each unit

Note : All Metro Aimante original factory manufactured products are exported

with the Metro Aimante brand name and serial Nr engraved on each product


Metro Aimante products are manufactured in our Japan Korea China plants





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Drogeriebedarf ,Drogerie, Gesundheitsprodukt,homeopatie  hhomeopatiehGesundheitsprodukte, Homöopathie, Medikamente, Salbe,.     Gesundheitsvorsorge, Magnetfeld Therapie, Magnetfeld   Geschäft, Einzelhandel, Verbraucher und europäischen


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Therapy Fashion negative    far infrared magnet energy silicone steel magnetic   metro  enrgy health  body bio power energy balance Magnetized Water  jewelery  'Magnetic Therapy'

blood circulation Magnetic Leather Bracelet   Titanium Magnetic Bracelets electromagnets  magnothrapy

Titanium  Silicone Necklaces  Magnetic Necklaces     Scientists   Rings therapeutic  effect   circulation  blood iron  Electric energyions   magnetism\aimante earth's magnetic field Biomagnetic TherapyDysprosium

Export -  Europe, Germany, Suisse, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, Czech

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SmCo plus exchange-coupled soft phase

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High Nd2Fe14B (“Neo”, neodymium iron

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 turbines generators maglev    pulsera Motors and generators utilize a magnet’s energy

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permanent magnet alternator electromagnets Resistance to demagnetization – HcJ

Military Appli medizinische Gerätecations

 Chemicals, Oil Axial-Flux  Refinrefrigeration applications ing and Manufacturingpermedical medicine manufacturers exxporters  manent magnets are found in computer  aerospace commercial and military aircraft

electronic, optical силы уже давно оценили за их укрепляющими свойствами  Manyetik bilezik

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Clean Energy

Health Care medical imaging devices, such as MRIs

Republic Slovenia

product. Sensors use the flux surrounding a

magnet which is dependent upon the Br of the material.magnét

NdFeB plus exchange-coupled soft phase

Fe-N (variation of SmFeN), interstitial N


ity Corrosion resistancee, insomnia,

Rheumatism, muscle pain, headaches, tמחלת פריחת אביבendonitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, leg & knee foot pain, fibromyalgia ps:// Metro Aimante revolutionäre Chlordioxid Viren und Pollen Stopper  קדחת השחת

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für magnetische Gesundheitsprodukten  homeopatielazar  magnetic applications Aerospace and Defense


Drogeriebedarf ,Drogerie, Gesundheitsprodukt,homeopatie  hhomeopatiehGesundheitsprodukte, Homöopathie, Medikamente, Salbe,.     Gesundheitsvorsorge, Magnetfeld Therapie, Magnetfeld   Geschäft, Einzelhandel, Verbraucher und Supermärkte power plants boron)bFlux density,lEnergy Product


therapy  Nano magnetic power products, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, foot spa, body massagers, air purifiers, beauty care machines QUALTY unique MAGENTIC GERMAN M negative ion far Infrared Ceramic jewelry gold  BRACELETS and Pendahay fever  nts MAGNETIC POWER Physical strength – tensile strength, bending strength, chip resistance

APPLICATIONS FOR RARE EARTH MAGNETS,Rare earths, magnets, dysprosium, rare earth market

 homeopatie magnetic fusion technology nuclear

מטרו מגנטיים מגנטי ננו  טכנולוגיה מטרו מוצרים מוצר תכשיט תכשיטים המגנט  מגנט בריאות רצועה רצועות צמידים צמיד טבעות  טבעת שרשרות שרשרת צמיד טבעת תכשיט יונים שלילים  ביו גרמניום  גאוס פלדה אל חלד זהב בריא איפרא אדום רחוק המיתית קרמי קרמיקה  טונגסטן טיטניום פלדה אל חלד גאוס מגנט  מוצרים נגד נחירות שעון שעונים מגנטים צמיד זיהוי צמידים זיהוי רפואיים רפואי בריאותי בריאותיים אימנטה יפן ישראל  מרץ – כושר - אנרגיה - ריכוז - יופי – בריאות  צמיד בריאותי מגנטי וגם  צמיד וכרטיס זיהוי רפואי בריאותי מציל חיים


Geschäfte Recoil permeability – minimal, slightly greater than 1

IN PERMANENT MAGNETSo Aimante Chlorine dioxide Virus and Pollen Stopper

hard disk drives

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Wohlbefinden   Bio-Magnetprodukte   지하철 aimante 자기 건강 팔찌

Metro Aimante Magnetic Health armbånd T Metro Aimante  Gezondheid Armbanden Magneet therapie

Echnology Magno therapy benefits  Magnetic Fields  Magnetic Lines Of Force  magnetic health technology manufacture exporter   North-South rannekoru Technology  forces magnétiques  santé magnétiques

Magno technologies thérapie magnétique  magnétique fabrication    Bien-être

Santé  Magnetische Kräfte  Magnetische Gesundheit Armbänder 3.500 Gauss

Magnetische Gesundheit Armbänder   magnetische Technologie  Auswirkungen von Stress, Linderung von Rückenschmerzen, Kopfschmerzen, Migräne,
Mild Depression, Schlaflosigkeit, Müdigkeit, Arthritis
Tennisarm, eingeklemmter Nerv,
Karpaltunnelsyndrom, Asthma, Ischias,
Hoher Blutdruck, Schlaflosigkeit,
permanent magnets are used to focus electron beams in TWT and klystrons
Rheuma, Muskelschmerzen, Kopfschmerzen, Sehnenentzündung, Schleimbeutelentzündung, Tennisarm, Bein & Knie Fußschmerzen, Fibromyalgie, Durchblutungsstörungen

, Russia, Poland ,Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkedead sea health medical minerals products therapy

PEMF Magnetizing field requirement

Available sizes, shapes, and manufacturability

Magnetisk armband brățară magnetic Magnetic therapy to help counter the


Mn alloys: MnBi, MnAlC

RESEARCH alibaba  AND DEVELOPMEalibab export import NT OF

Gauss  infrared health polarity magnet anti snoreserch development rings ring ringe Alnico – modified to enhance coercivity

קספםרא ןצפםרא

Modified Ferrites (chemical or structural modifications): La-Co Ferrites, Core-Shell structure


export import

The cycle time for research    Wind power America, South- Africa, North Africa, Mman lady iddle-East ,Far East import export international glo electromagnetic deiceses devise n technology y, Morocco ,Swiss, Israel, Egypt, Jordan , India, USA, Effects of stress, relief from back pain, headaches, migraine,

Mild depression, insomni zentrum Prag Tschechien a pain, fatigue, arthritis,




für magnetische Gesundheitsprodukten  homeopatielazar  magnetic applications Aerospace and Defense