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Metro Aimante known Health Benefits

-Improve blood circulation and immunity

-Relieve fatigue and improve sleep

-Alleviate all kinds of nerve pain

-Reducing stressed blood vessels which can alleviate Migraine

-Ease pain due to Arthritis

-Modulate blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar and some physiological function

-Detoxification (residual waste and heavy metal in our body)

-Activate cellular oxidation which supports Anti-aging




Magnetic therapy is totally based on nature’s laws and principles and is a treatment which does not have harmful side effects unlike most forms of modern-day conventional treatment. Magnet Therapy works in conformity with nature and is an aid to the natural processes of healing. Healing using magnets can be undertaken alone or alongside any medical practice, as it does not interfere with any other complementary or conventional treatment; in fact it accelerates the healing process. But how does magnet therapy work
Magnets are highly effective in restoring the natural balance of the body because they are responsible for returning a ‘normal’ balanced charge back to each individual cell in the body, in addition to stimulating circulation, promoting increased oxygen and restoring a normal pH value
Continuous contact with magnets over time activates our body’s working processes and accelerates blood flow, generating warmth in the body. Through improved circulation, the use of magnets therefore gives strength to the body as a whole, helps in faster recovery from ailments, removes tiredness and weakness, helps the body’s detoxification processes, proves beneficial during convalescence and also reduces pains and swelling of every part of the body





Magnetic forces have long been appraised for their restorative properties by many scientifically advanced civilizations. Ancient Greece discovered the very first naturally formed magnet in the form of the lodestone, and Hippocrates, the father of medicine, noted its healing powers. The Egyptians described the intense powers of the magnet in their writings, and Cleopatra frequently adorned herself with magnetic jewelry to preserve youthfulness. Chinese manuscripts dating back thousands of years describe the Eastern belief that the life force, termed “qi”, is generated by the earth’s magnetic field. An English scientist, Michael Faraday (1791-1867 AD), made extensive discoveries and has come to be known as the founder of Biomagnetics. He pointed out that all matter is magnetic and is either repelled or attracted by a magnetic field


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Magnetisk armband



Echnology Magno therapy benefits  Magnetic Fields  Magnetic Lines Of Force  magnetic hlaboratory apparatus Resonance Spectroscopy biotechnology resonance imaging information i Automatisierung  führender Anbieter Magnet Tür Halter magnetische Sensoren Magnetüberwachungs-Systeme elektro-magnetische Strömungssensor magnetischer Isolationsschutz Hightech-Produkte Ultra-Hochfeld-Magnet-Resonanz-Tomographie  zahlreiche medizinische Anwendungen  medizinische Geräte  magnetisch empfindlichen Geräten wissenschaftlich- technische  Pharmaprodukte Magnet-Resonanz-Tomographie Magnetische Flüssigkeiten magnetisch und natürlich elektrische und magnetische Felder Diätpflaster mit Magnet

Magnetischer Hall-Effekt Näherungssensor Messgerät  magnetische-naeherungsschalter  Magnetic basierte Produkte für Motoren  magnetische Beschichtung von Metallen Magnetischer Spannfutter Produkte Magnetventile magnetische Messsysteme - Magnetband & Sensoren  Magnetic Encoder Industrial Vehicle Technology Magnetische Drehgeber magnetische Filtereinheit

magnetischen Messtechnik  magnetische Speicherung von Information  Produkte magnetische bohrmaschine  Magnetischen Materialien  Produkte für Totally Integrated Automation und Micro Automation  Magnetische Schalter Hersteller Lieferant  magnetischen Zellsortierung  Kühlschrankmagnet, Magnet Holder magnetischen High-Tech-Pulve gesundheitundmanagement Neodym-Magnet magnetischen Eigenschaften Diagnosegeräte (Angiografen, Magnet-Resonanz-Tomografen, Ultraschallgeräte, digitale ... magnetischen Einflüssen Windkraftanlagen .

High-Tech-Geräte der Bio-Medizin Magnetfolien, Magnetische Folien, Magnetfolie, Magnetbänder, Magnetoplast, ... Ferritfolie, Ferritfolien, Automagnetschilder, Magnetische Auto Schilder, magnet. ... Magnetische Geschenke neue wettbewerbsfähige Produkte höchste Qualität, Innovation und High Tech metro Aimante   elektromagnetische Schwebeglobus  Flugnavigation auf iPhone und iPad  communications technology, automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. ... Ferrites are indispensable key components in many modern, high-performance  magnetische Energiespeicher  Supraleitende magnetische Energiespeicher  magnetische Eigenschaften high-tech Induktionsempfänger  Sprit magnetisch ionisieren und die Molekülstrukturen besser sortieren  Produkte im Bereich Elektronik, Auto, Flugzeuge und Waffen  Steuerung der variablen Nockenwellenverstellung erfolgt elektromagnetisch

Scheibenfolie mit Magnet-Fixierung Triebwerkskomponenten und Turbinen Sensor zur Erfassung der Drehzahl von rotierenden Bauteilen Magnetisch-induktive Durchflussmesser

Magnetische Partikel magnetisch geschirmte ENERGY magnetische Bauelemente Produkte die auf Neodym Magnete basieren magnetische Getriebe

maging materials film materials Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Pharma &. Biotech Magnetic stirrers, overhead stirrers, dispersers, shakers, mills, rotary evaporators nuclear magnetic resonance Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy bio magnetic product magnetic coupled agitator Magnetic material, tools, equipment bespoke applications & systems permanent magnets electromagnets Flexible Magnetic Sheets Magnet,Magnetic Lifting Products,Magnetic Blocks Magnetic Buzzer Scalar Energy Magnetic Mosquito Screens Biomagnetic Bracelets magnet ball fabrication Factories, Producers, Traders, Agents, Distributors, Wholesalers

Chemicals, Medicine, Cosmetics, Plastic Products ... Machinery Transformer, Environment, Waste Processing, Iron And Steel, biological and synthetic electric fields Quality Pharmaceutical Products. Water treatment products bio pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, fuel cell, solar electronics Japan, chemicals, petrochemicals carbon Magnetic recording media (MT, FD, HD),  material innovative magnetic solutions Magnetic Mixing  electromagnetic radiation clothing, magnetic therapy infrared physical health mattress magnetic sulfate mineral solution Magnetic Filter Permanent Magnetic Separator

magnetic tape, microfilm, paper Magnetic Particle Brakes magnetic filters, belt conveyors  products Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic bead washer, Filter plate washer & Microplate washer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator Bio-Pharmaceutical solenoid valves control the flow of air, gas, water manufacture of plastics, pharmaceuticals, cement ... magnetic materials, wires and cables, copper products, semiconductor and display Safety Sign Magnet Sticker permanent lifting magnet  Door Catch

machinery for magnetic Japan. Jordan. Kazakhstan. Kenya. Kiribati. Kuwait. Kyrgyzstan. Laos. Latvia. Saudi Arabia  Magnetic strip magnetizing demagnetizing apparatus, Magnetic strip label Magnetic Holder products Magnetic


Magnetisk armband brățară magnetic Magnetic therapy to help counter the


Magnetization change with temperature –

für magnetische Gesundheitsprodukten  homeopatielazar  magnetic applications Aerospace and Defense


Drogeriebedarf ,Drogerie, Gesundheitsprodukt,homeopatie  hhomeopatiehGesundheitsprodukte, Homöopathie, Medik Metro Aimante Hersteller Exporter M Tschechischen Republik agnetfeldtherapie Produkte  Aimante  Gezondheid Armbanden Magneet therapie

 CD Mount Holder for Smartphone  High frequency soft magnetic applicationealth technology manufacture exporter   North-South rannekoru Technology  forces magnétiques  santé magnétiques

Magno technologies thérapie magnétique  magnétique fabrication    Bien-être

Santé  Magnetische Kräfte  Magnetische Gesundheit Armbänder 3.500 Gauss

Magnetische Gesundheit Armbänder   magnetische Technologie  Auswirkungen von Stress, Linderung von Rückenschmerzen, Kopfschmerzen, Migräne,
Mild Depression, Schlaflosigkeit, Müdigkeit, Arthritis
Tennisarm, eingeklemmter Nerv,
Karpaltunnelsyndrom, Asthma, Ischias,
Hoher Blutdruck, Schlaflosigkeit,
permanent magnets are used to focus electron beams in TWT and klystrons
Rheuma, Muskelschmerzen, Kopfschmerzen, Sehnenentzündung, Schleimbeutelentzündung, Tennisarm, Bein & Knie Fußschmerzen, Fibromyalgie, Durchblutungsstörungen



amente, Salbe,.     Gesundheitsvorsorge, Magnetfeld Therapie, Mag

Products manufacturer, supplier, exporter NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite, AlNiCo  Belt hktdc belt jetro resonance pharma cosmetics pharmaceutical healthcare health care pure natural bio biomagnetic bio magnetic quantum technology analyzer biotechnology  Semiconductor   Magnet Wire electric vehicles bikes magnet scrap handling devices

R@D superparamagnetic  MAGNETISM NMR  pharmaceutical technologies industrial consumer  Auto Part Magnet Products injection plastic magnet industry ceramics   magnetic resistive elements Electronic Compass   Magnetic Sensors Industrial Motor Sensor magnetic components   automotive, computer industries Magnet Rolls bonded magnet automotive components   motors magnetic appliances Work Shop Tools, Measuring

Pharmacopoeia sintered NdFeB magnet manufacturing  nuclear magnetic medical, scientific

s soft magnetic powders and sintered materials

netf Magnetfeldtherapiegeräteeld   Geschäft, Einzelhandel, Verbraucher und Supermärkte power plants boron)bFlux density,lEnergy Product

ood pressurFlux density – Br

permanent magnet alternator electromagnets Resistance to dema Metro Aimante Hersteller Exporter höchstem technologischem   Magnetfeldthera Kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen. pie Produkte und Magnetfeldtherapiegeräte                   

gnetizationHcJ Behandlung, Rehabilitation

Military Applications

 Chemicals, Oil Axial-Flux  Refinrefrigeration applications ing and Manufacturingpermedical medicine manufacturers exxporters  manent magnets are found in computer  aerospace commercial and military aircraft

electronic, optical силы уже давно оценили за их укрепляющими свойствами  Manyetik bilezik

braccialetto tecnologia magnetica  Magnētiskā aproce Technology Neodymium  magnetyczna bransoletkaראש הטופס


Clean Energy

Health Care medical imaging devices, such as MRIs

Transportatiomarine, industrial, railway, military and UAV industriesn and Vehicles

 Canada, South-

SmCo plus exchange-coupled soft phase

NdFeB plus exchange-coupled soft phase

Fe-N (variation of SmFeN), interstitial N

Mn alloys: MnBi, MnAlC

Heusler alloys

Alnico – modified to enhance coercivity

Carbides: FeC, CoC

Modified Ferrites (chemical or structural modifications): La-Co Ferrites, Core-Shell structure


Ce-Co,Fe and Ce-Fe,Co-B,C

The cycle time for research    Wind power America, South- Africa, North Africa, Mman lady iddle-East ,Far East.



Metro aimante japan ring magnet power gauss israel  magnetic  therapy  Nano magnetic power products, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, foot spa, body massagers, air purifiers, beauty care machines QUALTY unique MAGENTIC GERMAN M negative ion far Infrared Ceramic jewelry gold  BRACELETS and Pendahay fever  nts MAGNETIC POWER FUNCTION htt, wind power, electric vehicles MILITARY,AIRSPACE,RESEARCH,PERMANENT MAGNETS, industrial and military devices.Carpal tunnel, asthma, sciatica,

High Nd2Fe14B (“Neo”, neodymium iron

Republic Slovenia, Russia, Poland ,Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey, Morocco ,Swiss, Israel, Egypt, Jordan , India, USA, Effects of stress, relief from back pain, headaches, migraine,

Mild depression, insomnia pain, fatigue, arthritis,

Tennis elbow, pinched nerve,

APPLICATIONS FOR RARE EARTH MAGNETS,Rare earths, magnets, dysprosium, rare earth market

 homeopatie magnetic fusion technology nuclear

מטרו מגנטיים מגנטי ננו  טכנולוגיה מטרו מוצרים מוצר תכשיט תכשיטים המגנט  מגנט בריאות רצועה רצועות צמידים צמיד טבעות  טבעת שרשרות שרשרת צמיד טבעת תכשיט יונים שלילים  ביו גרמניום  גאוס פלדה אל חלד זהב בריא איפרא אדום רחוק המיתית קרמי קרמיקה  טונגסטן טיטניום פלדה אל חלד גאוס מגנט  מוצרים נגד נחירות שעון שעונים מגנטים צמיד זיהוי צמידים זיהוי רפואיים רפואי בריאותי בריאותיים אימנטה יפן ישראל  מרץ – כושר - אנרגיה - ריכוז - יופי – בריאות  צמיד בריאותי מגנטי וגם  צמיד וכרטיס זיהוי רפואי בריאותי מציל חיים


Geschäfte Recoil permeability – minimal, slightly greater than 1

Physical strength – tensile strength, bending strength, chip resistance

Electrical resistivity – minimizes eddy currents

Magnetizing field requirement

Available sizes, shapes, and manufacturability

Raw material cost and availabil Reversible Temperature Coefficient


Therapy Fashion negative    far infrared magnet energy silicone steel magnetic   metro  enrgy health  body bio power energy balance Magnetized Water  jewelery  'Magnetic Therapy'

blood circulation Magnetic Leather Bracelet   Titanium Magnetic Bracelets electromagnets  magnothrapy

Titanium  Silicone Necklaces  Magnetic Necklaces     Scientists   Rings therapeutic  effect   circulation  blood iron  Electric energyions   magnetism\aimante earth's magnetic field Biomagnetic TherapyDysprosium

Export -  Europe, Germany, Suisse, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, Czech

Prague Czech Republic maglev trains train super conpulsierenden Magnetfeldtherapieductor superconductor MRI scanner magnetic

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Gauss  infrared health polarity magnet anti snoreserch development rings ring ringemagnetische magntichre dehomeopatievises wimagnetische homeopatie  aswitzerlandrmband   turbines generators maglev    pulsera Motors and generators utilize a magnet’s energy product. Sensors use the flux surrounding a

magnet which is dependent upon the Br of the material.magnética 

ity Corrosion resistancee, insomnia,

Rheumatism, muscle pain, headaches, tמחלת פריחת אביבendonitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, leg & knee foot pain, fibromyalgia ps:// Metro Aimante revolutionäre Chlordioxid Viren und Pollen Stopper  קדDeutsch, EnglischFranzösischPortugiesisch, SpanischTschechisch, Slowakisch, Italienisch, Polnisch, Russisch, Ukrainisch, Ungarisch, Vietnamesischחת השחת

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MetrDEMAND FOR RARE EARTH MATERIALS Die therapeutische Wirkung des Entzündungen der Gelenke und der Wirbelsäule



IN PERMANENT MAGNETSo Aimante Chlorine dioxide Virus and Pollen Stopper

hard disk driveshohe Qualität

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자석은 모든 개체에 있습니다magnets, magnetic equipments, magnetic products, magnetic appliances, electromagnetic equipments, vibrating equipments and their respective parts. With our product line, we have successfully catered to the demands of many industries including Cement Plants, Sugar Mills, Coal, Sponge iron plants, Glass, Chemical, Ceramic Industries, Onion Industries, Mines & Mineral Industries, Plastic Industries and Pharma Industries  자기장. 사로 개체를 같은

Wohlbefinden   Bio-Magnetprodukte   지하철 aimante 자기 건강 팔찌

Metro Aimante Magnetic Health armbånd T Metro